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Specialized Translation

What types of projects can Halcyon SciMed help you with?

Continuing medical education

Translate slide decks, transcripts, and supporting materials to provide a consistent experience across your different audiences

Sales force training materials

Ensure that the jargon and level of language will be accurately rendered across multilingual training platforms

Medical and scientific educational materials

Reach the global audience by translating your scientific and educational materials

Publications / Grant proposals

Key documents such as abstracts, articles, or grant proposals often must be submitted to different organizations and in different languages. It is of the greatest importance to ensure that the content of such critical documents is fully and accurately conveyed to your different audiences

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Halcyon SciMed - Your partner of choice for scientific and medical translation
Experience in scientific and medical communication since 2010

Scientific and Medical Translator David Mendes da Silva holds a PhD in cell biology and has been working in the medical/scientific communication domain for over 7 years. Given his academic and professional background, David strives for the highest quality specialized translation to and from French, English, and Portuguese ranging from general public educational content to publications and grant proposals in the life sciences/medical domain

  • Halcyon SciMed strives for accuracy and consistency in translations and aims to offer a flexible and professional service.

  • Big translation projects can often keep you wondering about final product quality. We can perform an independent quality assurance round for your sensitive projects.

  • We can partner with you to ensure the smooth sailing of your translation projects involving different third-party agencies.

Halcyon SciMed

Quality and flexibility for your specialized translation projects

David Mendes da Silva, PhD

Chief Scientific and Medical Translator
With a PhD in cell biology and over 5 years of experience in the scientific/medical communications domain, David provides specialized linguistic services which are adapted to your project’s needs

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